We understand accounting consumes loads of administrators time which they can better use some where else. So we have automated end to end fees collection, notifications, invoicing, digital payments etc using simple mobile interface.

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Personalized Learning

Trainmoo provides powerful analytics and meaningful insights using student engagement data. Teachers can easily identify development areas and personalize teaching.


Digitizing grades is the easy part. We went few miles extra in providing useful insights into grades. (percentiles, correlations, analytics etc).


We have solved one most of pain full problems schools face using simple user interface. Pain free, paper free attendance taking, auto alerts to absentees (parents too if you prefer) and real time analytics.


Class and teacher schedules can be maintained easily through our user friendly interface. 

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Student Engagement

Trainmoo empowers students and teachers to discuss and innovate around any idea, material, assignment or anything. Our user friendly mobile app connects classrooms any where any time. Share content (links, pictures, videos, documents) easily from any where with your class.

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Powerful assignments feature lets teachers to create assignment with predefined submissions type (code, essay type, hand written, document uploads). Code blocks are auto executed and evaluated and graded. Teachers can grade assignments with feedback. 

Trainmoo has great quiz bank feature to allow teachers maintain assessment questions (Multiple Choice, Simple Answer, True/False) easily for entire school.

A great tool for teachers to use in and out of classrooms to see how students are progressing and identify areas of improvement.

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Student Information

Entire student information in one single place. Search and locate in seconds. Student personal information, grades, attendance, payment history, assignments, teacher feedback, documentation every thing in one single place.

Push Notifications

Students, teachers, admins and parents to kept upto date with information using mobile push notifications, SMSs and Emails.

LMS Integration

Trainmoo integrates with existing LMS (Moodle, edx) and provides student engagement layer.