College/School Attendance Management System

How to streamline school or college attendance related activities?  If you are looking for the best option available, you can choose our online school attendance management system. Trainmoo offers the most advanced and functional solution available on the market. You can save critical class time with our school attendance management system.

Meaningful patters and educed workload for teachers

Our automated solution marks attendance with impeccable precision. You can also find out meaningful patterns to monitor student performance based on important metrics. When you use our system, teacher workload is reduced considerably. They can focus on more important areas without spending time to record attendance.

High ROI, error-free records and easy access

Higher return on investment is what you expect from our online college attendance management system. Since our product streamlines all activities, teachers are allowed to concentrate on children more to improve their performance. We guarantee error-free attendance management. You can also expect easy to access to all records while using our automated online school attendance management system.   

Optimum security

The data stored in our attendance management system is not vulnerable to any manipulation due to the best security features. Our product comes with multiple layers of security along with robust encryption to thwart all kinds of security breach attempts and potential threats.

Better coordination between parents and teachers

Automated email, app, or SMS notifications can be triggered to parents to inform about the absence or presence their children. These types of notifications make sure that all stakeholders are properly informed.


You can talk to our customer support team to know more about the online school attendance management system.