India's 1st Student Engagement Platform

Connecting Teachers, Administrators, Students and Parents on a single platform

Trainmoo digitizes entire campus, completely automates classroom workflows, saves lot of time for administrators and teachers. Trainmoo uses student engagement data and empowers teachers to make data driven decisions to personalize teaching.

Our Vision

Empower teachers and administrators with data driven insights into student engagement.

A social campus platform to make administrators more efficient, teachers productive and students performant.

Trainmoo Campus

University students sitting together at

Campus Digitization

Student information, class information, class and teacher schedules, material, attendance, grades, fee payments and many more.



Trainmoo saves one administrator for every 200 students. Eliminates paperwork, keeps users up to date with push notifications.

KPI acronym (Key Performance Indicator)


Trainmoo uses student engagement data (attendance, discussions, grades, feedback) to generate powerful analytics to better understand correlations and enable data driven decision.

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Personalized Learning

Through powerful analytics, teachers can identify improvement areas and personalize learning.

Fortune School of Business
Shadan College of Engineering and Tech

Trainmoo helps us immensely in engaging students in and out classrooms. We were able to conduct 1000 assignments and 15k student submissions with in last 6 months.

Rahul Kumar / Principal Mentor / Talensprint

Trainmoo helped us digitize entire college and automate parent notifications, attendance, accounting and grading. I strongly recommend team.

G Srinivas / Chairman / Fortune School of Business


We are part of THub startup eco system


Trainmoo is a member of Lab32 Second Cohort